Main Aims

        • permanent memory of the name and work of Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac
        • urging the development of our music culture in the spirit of Mokranjac’s traditions
        • supporting the manifestations bearing the name of Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac, and especially the Festival "The Mokranjac Days" in Negotin
        • representing Mokranjac’s work abroad
        • publishing and promotion of the works of Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac
        • publishing the works about Mokranjac
        • issuing the magazine and sound carrier about Mokranjac’s work
        • improving of ethnomusicology research
        • awarding music work and performance, as well as scientific works that Mokranjac was involved in
        • support to the research, seminars, meetings of music education and culture
        • constant cooperation and help for the development of music culture of Serbian people in the regions where they live
        • keeping and preserving the grave of Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac, his monuments and memorials with the cooperation of the First Belgrade Singing Society, in accordance with the will of the deceased Milica Mokranjac
        • other activities resulting from the work of this great musician.