Donor concert

Trying to find its permanent main office, the Mokranjac Foundation found its appropriate place in the very building where Mokranjac himself had lived and worked during the most mature period of his life and creation, in 16 Dositejeva Street, Belgrade.


The Mokranjac Foundation has been very active in order to raise financial resources necessary for the purchase of its permanent place. So, The Foundation organised a donor concert of choirs in the big hall of The Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac in Belgrade on November 28th 2007. The performers were: TheFirst Belgrade Singing Society conducted by Svetlana Vilic, Choir "Liceum" conducted by Miloje Nikolic, Academy Choir Collegium Musicum and Academic Cultural Art Society"Branko Krsmanovic" - Choir "Obilic" conducted by Darinka Matic - Marovic. They performed the deeds of Josif Marinkovic, Stevan Mokranjac, Marko Tajcevic, Vojislav Ilic, Dusan Radic and Rajko Maksimovic.


Apart from the fact that certain funds have been raised, the issue of permanent address of the Mokranjac Foundation has not been solved up till now.