"The Echoes" 2010.

Organised by the Mokranjac Foundation, cooperating with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the Municipal Assembly of the City of Belgrade and Belgrade Stari grad Municipality, the concert held at the main auditorium of The Municipal Assembly of the City of Belgrade on September 15th 2010. The Chamber Choir Ipavska, from Slovenia conducted by Matjaz Scek, took part in concert. The choir was the winner of the Singing Competition at the festival "The Mokranjac Days" in Negotin on 2009. This choir has a good reputation as one of the best singing ensembles in Slovenia and Europe. It proved its reputation by having numerous performances and concerts. The choir also regularly got the highest prizes at the competitions. During his successful career, the conductor Matjaz Scek has received significant international recognition with different choirs.


The audience in the completely full Hall of the Municipal Assembly of the City of Belgrade was very impressed by the great interpretation of various and demanding programme performed by the Chamber Choir Ipavska. The audience was especially impressed by the performance of Mokranjac’s Requiem and the works of the modern Slovenian authors. The long applause of Belgrade audience and the whole atmosphere during the concert were the best illustration of this special music night in the Municipal Assembly of the City of Belgrade.


Before the beginning of the concert, Djordje Lazarevic, a member of the Municipal Council and one of the benefactors of the Mokranjac Foundation, welcomed the guests from Slovenia on the behalf of Belgrade Stari grad Municipality and its president Mirjana Bozidarevic. He wished them a successful performance and a pleasant stay in Belgrade.