"The Echoes" 2015.

Continuing with the traditional event “The Echoes of the Mokranjac days” from 2010 in Belgrade, the Mokranjac Foundation in cooperation with the Belgrade municipality of Stari grad organized a new concert “The Echoes 2015” on 16.09.2015 at the Concert Hall of the Army of Serbia where the choir Iuventus cantat from Sombor (Serbia) performed, the winner of singing competition of choirs at the festival Days of Mokranjac in Negotin 2014.

Mixed Youth Choir Iuventus cantat which has existed since 1985 as a part of the Choral Society of Sombor, founded in 1870, is a member of the European Federation of Youth Choirs (EFYC) and foundations Interkultur. Under the direction of its founder and conductor - Silvester Hajnal, the Choir for a short time, working with leading orchestras and conductors, earned an outstanding reputation performing at all major events in the country and has won many awards in some of the most prestigious national and international choral festival.

The current conductor of the choir Dajana Mijic, was a longtime member of the choir Iuventus cantat, then assistant conductor, and the conductor of the ensemble from 2012. With this choir, Dajana Mijic has recorded numerous performances and won many awards.

At the concert in the Concert Hall of the Army of Serbia in Belgrade, the choir has performed works by Stevan Mokranjac, Vojislav Ilic and, for the first time in Belgrade, Miroljub Arandjelovic- Rasinski Venčić Mokranjcu - first prize in the Contest for choral composition of the Mokranjac Foundation in 2014.

Long applause, audience has welcomed and acknowledged the Choir and its conductor Dajana Mijic for this extraordinary musical evening.